"As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it's inevitable you will discover how capable you are."  Unknown

Savvy Journeys has decades of experience in planning personalized high end travel.  Our personal travels around the world have led us to become experts in some of the most unique unknown corners of the world.

We work with our clients carefully to become knowledgeable of your travel desires and needs. Then the fun part begins for us.  We immerse ourselves in ascertaining your travel requirements and then begin creating for you "the perfect adventure".. Expertly tailored trips that take you to the heart of life around the world is our complete passion.

If you can dream it .. we can make it happen.  Whether it be a wedding proposal in an Ice Hotel in Sweden, a hot air balloon trip over the temples of Bagan, an amazing Snow Leopard trek deep in Nepal or having a catered dinner for two in a tree house in Kenya.  Let us help keep your bucket list full .. one amazing bespoke journey at a time.